Wwise Limbo Redux Contest


I’ve made a version of Limbo for the Wwise Limbo Redux Contest : Direct link

I’ve recorded lot’s of sounds, few ambiances and some foleys. I’ve made the record at home

  • I’ve tried to replace the most sound as possible on the ≈60s sequence. I’ve wanted to change the very « cottony » sound with something with less low pass filter, using brighter sfx, less low speed.
  • I’ve changed also the breathing of the boy and put it a little bit fronter to have a more human character.
  • I’ve added few music/drone layers link to the spider and scene moment to create a more scary creature and disturbing moment.
  • For few outscreen specific sfx I’ve rendered the reverb on my DAW to sound like what I want and avoid new reverb in wwise.
  • I’ve used the Biscuit from Oto Machines, who is an awesome bitcrusher. I’ve played with it for a layer of the flies and also for « drone » of the spider essentially with the WaveShaper included and filter.

The work on Wwise is quite simple. I’ve kept lot’s of ideas initially in the project and added few. Like for the Spider_body_anticipationStrikeStart.

enter image description here

The integration is sometimes a mess from the original project, with lot’s of triggers who sometimes are difficult to understand. That’s for me the worst part of the project.

I had lot’s of ideas that I was not able to do because of time or missing « triggers ». I’ve started the project with the idea to play with prepared piano during game adventure. The idea borns from listening the first notes of Silentium from Arvo Part and watch Punch Drunk Love long time ago. But I’ve droped all the work I did in Limbo because it was redundant and too linked to action triggers. I’ve also waited a week in my building for the moment when they will have the biggest wind to record ambiance in the cave near the underground parking-lot, but the sound was too powerfull for Limbo. Maybe for the next project !

Here is the example of few sfx added.